Our Non-biased Dirty Little Guide To Buying The Best Inversion Tables For Your Aching Back Pain

A lot of health experts today tout the many benefits of inversion tables and the good news is that you have a lot of models to choose from. But the bad news is that actually finding the best inversion table for your needs can be a very tortured process. There are just too many of these devices available, and inversion table reviews can offer conflicting views, erroneous data, and self-serving advertisements.

But here on this website, you’ll know what to look for when you read inversion table reviews so that you’ll make the best choice possible.

Body Champ IT8070

  • 76 Pounds
  • 26 x 62 x 49
  • 1 year   warranty


Teeter Hangups EP960

  • 71 Pounds
  • 60 x 58 x 28
  • 1 year warranty


Ironman Gravity 1000

  • 46 Pounds
  • 45 x 26 x 5
  • 1 year warranty

Benefits of Inversion Therapy

As people grow older, back pains become more common. That’s usually caused by problems with discs. They can degenerate or bulge, and they may also become herniated or become thinner. All of these problems are caused by the accumulated effects of gravity. And that’s where inversion tables come in. It uses gravity to help alleviate the problems gravity caused in the first place!

The benefits of invertion table include:

  • Your posture is corrected and improved.

    A lot of people adopt bad posture over the years, not knowing that this mistake is contributing to their health problems. But with inversion therapy, a more natural body posture can be restored. Your posture can be corrected because the inversion therapy has helped out your spinal column back into proper alignment.

  • Your discs can be reinvigorated.

    Most people have heard about “slipped discs”, but they are unaware of such conditions as bulging, thinning, herniated, or degenerated discs. The inversion therapy helps discs recover from these types of damage. With inversion therapy, you can ensure that your spinal discs receive the nutrients they need to remain healthy.

    benefits of inversion

  • Your muscles will be more relaxed.

    You wouldn’t realize this, but your muscles are in a state of constant stress. This is true even when you’re sleeping. And this isn’t good for your muscles in the long run. Like your brain, your muscles also need to relax and rest. Inversion therapy is one of the few medical processes that allow this to happen.

  • Your height is maintained.

    Surely you’ve noticed that older people shorter than younger people? That’s because people begin to slump and shrink when they get older. With inversion therapy, you can counter this symptom of ageing because your spinal column is aligned properly and its strength is boosted.

  • Back pain is alleviated.

    Numerous scientific studies have already confirmed the claims of thousands of testimonials regarding inversion therapy: it alleviates back pain and other related symptoms. This is especially true when you buy advanced models. A gravity inversion table can even have acupressure nodes or lumbar punctures that help relieve this symptom of ageing.

  • Blood circulation is improved.

    As we advance in age, the natural way through which blood is circulated throughout your body becomes compromised and more inefficient. After some time of regular gravity table use, your blood circulation will enjoy significant improvement that can rejuvenate you as you go about your daily activities.

  • It prevents problems.

    While inversion therapy is effective in alleviating problems, it has also been shown that it can prevent future problems as well.

  • Inversion therapy is safe.

    No scientific study has yet to demonstrate any danger to inversion therapy. This can be assured if the best inversion table is chosen and proper procedures and steps are performed.

Of course, all these benefits are realized only when you get the best inversion table that accommodates your fitness goals and your particular circumstances. And that’s where our inversion tables reviews come in. You get to see the particular benefits of each type we investigate and cover to see whether they are the most suitable for you.

What Factors Should You Focus on in an Inversion Table Review?

A good review doesn’t just say that the Teeter Hang up is good or that the Ironman inversion table is great. Unfortunately, quite a lot of reviews are of this variety especially when you take a peek at Amazon reviews. Most of them try to find a synonym for “great” or “bad” and leave it at that.

special featuresSo what you need are detailed Teeter inversion table reviews instead of generic comments saying that the Teeter inversion table is highly recommended. You don’t want an Ironman gravity 4000 inversion table which says that the Ironman inversion table helped the reviewer. It has to explain how.

So here are factors which you must look for in any proper review:

  • Special features.

    We all know how inversion tables work, but some inversion tables have features far beyond the typical inversion table. One notable example is the Ironman ATIS 4000 inversion table. It boasts of a capability to tone your abs as well, so if this is a feature you’re looking for in another type of fitness equipment then you can hit two birds with one stone. There are several high-quality inversion tables that allow you to perform inversion therapy exercises.

  • Build quality.

    This is a catch-all term, but it usually means that the inversion table should prove to be able to do what its advertising boasts it can do. Not every inversion table can match the hype. Some inversion tables are simply of better quality, while others are shoddy and poorly built. Part of the build quality is its ease of use, as well as its transportability and maintenance requirements.

  • Stability.

    This is perhaps one of the most important factors to consider because it affects your safety. Inversion therapy is designed to help you get better, but an unsafe and unstable inversion table can drop your head on a hard floor and actually make you feel worse.

Keep in mind that most people in the US today are overweight, and a sizable number are medically obese. So you need to find an inversion table that can bear all that weight and won’t break down just when you’re hanging upside down. Stainless steel construction is usually a prerequisite for this factor. Security harnesses are also almost always mandatory.

  • Comfort.

    For most people, hanging upside down is not exactly a reassuring position to be in. What’s more, it can be distinctly inversion special featureuncomfortable, especially when you’re not used to the sensation. So some effort should have been taken to improve your comfort. Usually, this means the use of foam padding for support, although the better ones may use memory foam for a better result. The angle of the inversion should also be easy to change.

  • Durability.

    The Body Champ inversion table may be working well, but for how long? The durability of the inversion able is crucial, because you need to rely on it for an extended period of time. An inversion table that does not stand up to constant use is basically useless.

Often, the reviews may cite long term testing to check the durability of a particular model. Other reviews written by verified customers may also be cited. The durability of various models may be compared so that you know which models last longer than others.

  • Brand reputation.

    Some brands are simply more renowned than others, and that’s not always because one brand has a larger marketing and advertising budget than its competitors. Reputations are built on a company’s history of making reliable and effective products. If a brand is known for making products that can last for many years, then this can also be expected from their brand new products. Another brand which has a history of releasing products that are often recalled due to design defects may not have as good a reputation, obviously.

Part of the reason why so many customers gravitate towards the Teeter inversion table and the Ironman 4000 inversion table is that Teeter and Ironman have excellent reputations. Their lines of products consistently offer innovative features, their quality control is impressive, their customer support ever helpful, and their durability has been attested to by thousands of reviews.

  • Warranty.

    This is obviously associated with durability, because manufacturers who build longer-lasting products tend to offer longer warranties. But a warranty also covers any damage due to the delivery or to improper packaging. The Ironman gravity 4000 inversion table may be a good product, but not if it was dinged during delivery or if it came with broken parts.

The details of a warranty can be confusing, so a review should post additional info about the topic. It’s not just a matter of the time period. Some warranties depend on circumstances and situations. For example, a warranty may be voided if an inversion table is used by someone over the recommended weight limit, or if the inversion table is used for commercial purposes rather than just for home use.

Information should also be provided as to the actual helpfulness of the customer support. There are many possible reasons why a seemingly generous warranty is actually not so great after all. Sometimes the seller and the manufacturer may point at each other as to who is responsible for the repair of your inversion table. Repairs and replacements may take weeks or months. Sometimes there are even reports of customer service refusing to take calls at all.

  • Popularity and independent opinions.

    Any fair review will not solely cite their own observations and opinions as the final word on a particular inversion table. That’s the height of hubris. A truly fair review (of a Body Champ inversion table for example) will acknowledge the considered opinions of large groups of verified users, along with the expert takes of other professional reviewers for independent organizations and publishers.

If these are not mentioned, then do your own research and find these other reviews as well. These other reviews are crucial before you make a final determination. Keep in mind that a good inversion table for one person may not be good for another. And when you have hundreds of people putting up rave reviews or complaining about a certain inversion table, you have to sit up and take notice. You can’t afford to blithely ignore these people.

  • Price considerations.

    It’s impractical to assume that price has no bearing in your purchase decisions. Of course price matters! We all have a budget, and often the price is the factor that cuts down our available choices. For most people, buying an inversion table means choosing the best one that can fit what they can afford.

The problem, of course, is that online it’s hard to get a true reading as to how much each particular model really costs. Teeter Hangups, for example, may have a different price tag depending on the seller. Teeter itself may be offering a limited discount for Teeter Hangups on their own website. You may also find a severely discounted Teeter inversion table and discover that it’s a refurbished or used model instead of a new Teeter.

  • Cost-effectiveness.

    This is what’s called value for money, and it can also be difficult to gauge. What you need to understand, however, is that the general rule that “you get what you pay for” applies to inversion tables as well. Inversion tables can be as cheap as $100 or expensive enough to cost more than $1,000.

The important consideration here is to seriously list down your priorities. Your benefits and safety should be considered ahead of your financial situation. If you buy something cheap and it breaks down on you, then you just wasted your money. What’s more, you put your health at risk.

The Top Three Inversion Tables

So let’s introduce what we feel is the three best inversion tables offered in the market today.

  1. The Teeter Hang up. 

    For those who have already done some initial research in inversion tables, it’s not a surprise that the Teeter Hang up will occupy the top spot. In fact, you can say that it occupies two spots, since there are two Teeter Hangups which you need to look at.

teeter inversionThe first of the Teeter inversion tables you need to look at is the Teeter Hangups EP960. This is a bit pricey, since it is listed at about $550 although you may find sellers offering it for less than $400. In its price range, none of its competitors come even close. This is the model which many health experts recommend.

Out of the box, this Teeter inversion table poses no difficulty with the assembly. This Teeter table is easy and comfortable to use due to the innovative stretchable grips and the groundbreaking bed design that offers comfort and precise balance. This Teeter Hangup is specifically made to reduce the inflammation in your joints and alleviate the tension in your body. You can also buy accessories that can make it even better, such as acupressure nodes and a lumbar bridge.

Safety is also assured and the ankle locking system provides excellent support. You can read more details by checking out our extensive Teeter inversion table review focusing on the EP960.

The other notable inversion table Teeter offers is the EP550. It’s about at least $100 cheaper than the EP960, but its value for money is outstanding. After all, this is still a Teeters Hang up, and that means it offers the same basic quality and durability as the other Teeter Hang ups. It’s still safe and stable, and the comfort provided by the mesh design is outstanding.

You can check out what makes the EP550 stand out in our detailed Teeter Hang up review. Teeter gravity boots are also available, but these are usually meant only for those with a muscular build and who are extremely fit. Inversion therapy boots, however, are not recommended if you not in any form of muscle building regimen or if you want to use inversion tables to alleviate your back pain.

2. The Body Champ inversion table.

The Body Champ IT8070 inversion therapy table is an anomaly (in a good way) in the inversion able champ inversionindustry. That’s because its list price is so low at just $230, and some sellers are offering units with price tags below $120. This cheap price can easily tempt you to believe that the quality is cheap as well.

But that’s not actually the case. It starts with the assembly: the way the pieces fit together is obvious and intuitive. There’s no real need to check the manual (although for the sake of safety you ought to do this anyway). Once the assembly is complete, its striking looks don’t seem to match its affordable price tag. It looks impressive.

And once we used it, it actually was impressive. The safety features are a good example of how Body Champ took pains to provide high quality. The ankle supports and the padding are reliable and secure, and you can easily adjust the straps with the lower spring-loaded pull pin.

There are U-shaped handrails you can use for your safety (and convenience). You can use the safety strap to adjust the angle while you’re inverted, which is of special comfort when you’re upside down. There are also four foam rollers that provide additional comfort and safety.

For a more exhaustive look at what makes this Body Champ inversion table so great, you can take a look at our special review.

3. The Ironman gravity 1000 inversion table.

With a list price of $280, what makes this Ironman inversion table among the best is that its features offer a lot in exchange.  And when consider that the price can go down to as low as $180, the bang for the buck proposition is truly alluring. In this price range, it may be unmatched in the entire industry.

ironman inversionAssembling the Ironman 1000 inversion table is not a problem. The only problem here is that you know it only weighs in at just 76 pounds. How can it carry your weight?

The answer, we found, is that it can carry your weight very easily. They didn’t name it Ironman ironically. In fact, while other models have a limit of 300 pounds (some even put their limit at 275 pounds), here the limit is an astounding 350 pounds. The manufacturers must have really believed in this product to get this limit past their lawyers.

This is just the start, and you should read our complete review of the Ironman 1000 inversion table to see why it is among the best inversion tables available today.

All in all, the Ironman 1000 inversion table offers more features than the Body Champ. It won’t match the Teeter tables feature for feature, but the fact that it is $400 cheaper shows that it’s not meant to. It simply offers a reliable inversion table with some advanced features you may like. And those features are topnotch.

Of course, your options are not limited to these three models. The products listed above are mentioned because they are excellent examples of what inversion tables should be. They offer the best value for money, as their features match their price tags appropriately

But you should check out your other options, because the features of other models and products may be more suitable for your needs. For example, the Iron Man inversion table you need may actually be the Ironman gravity 4000. The more feature-laden Ironman gravity 4000 inversion table may fit your budget and needs, and you should check our review for this particular model. The Ironman inversion table 4000 may have a list of price of $350, but you may find one sold at a more affordable $200.


We also have reviews for other Ironman inversion tables. You may find that by reading our reviews for the Ironman LX300 inversion table or the Ironman Essex 990 inversion table

It’s the same thing for the Teeter offerings. You may find that the Teeter back stretcher Hang Ups P3 may actually be the best for your circumstances.

So read the reviews we offer here, and you may find yourself identifying the specific model of inversion table that exactly matches your needs, preferences, and budget!